there’s a blueberry pancake flying in the sky

sky has always been into drawing. from the time he was really little, he has spent nearly every day of his life drawing lots and lots and LOTS of pictures. which is exactly what i did as a kid. he even hums when he draws, like i used to do. although unlike the fashion dresses, treehouses plans, and cartoons i used to sketch, sky’s handiwork is mostly filled with the likes of batman, star wars guys, and other such heros.

for one of our school projects, i asked sky to draw a fish off the top of his head. he said this was a ‘rainbow trout’.
he loves to label his pictures.

recently pants let sky play around with photoshop at his work. here are a few pix sky did all on his own:
i love how he put his batman symbol by a bat.

sharkey has been trying his hand at drawing, as well. though i must say, he’s a bit more…untraditional.
he said this was an airplane. i was impressed.

why limit yourself to paper? this is what sharkey does when i’m in the shower.


6 thoughts on “there’s a blueberry pancake flying in the sky

  1. hilarious! been there and done that still. my kids just colored (with ink) on their feet this weekend! why, I still don’t know : )


  2. Zoe is just like Sky, always drawing. I want to save all of them.I want to eat Sharkey for dinner! So precious, even with marker all over him!


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