i am a flying dutchman

we are really taking advantage of all the weekday freebies around here – yesterday i took the kids up to LA to visit the natural museum of history. we had a good time (despite the temps in the nineties! in october!), and learned lots of…natural history. sky was really into it, and we definitely want to go again. (maybe next time without a 2-year-old in tow.) unfortunately, i don’t have any pictures of life-size dino skeletons, taxidermy elephants, or gold mining paraphernalia, since pants needed the camera for work.

btw, pants’ work day yesterday consisted of driving a scenic hour and a half into the mountains, and then taking pictures of a future job site for a few hours. did i mention the free lunch? the gratuitous cider and donuts stop on the way home? i won’t even talk about the round of golf this morning before hitting the office. even though i want to say, ‘gee, must be nice’, i have to admit i am glad he is able to catch a little bit of a break this week.


3 thoughts on “i am a flying dutchman

  1. yes, wait to what I have to share what Big Daddy gets to do for his work. also, we were just talking about a cider and donuts place like we had in Michigan. We have nothing like that here : (


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