he’s the zissou

a few weeks ago they had ‘homeschool days’ at our local aquarium, so the boys and i headed on over. it was only 6 bucks each (and sharkey was free), so it was a no-brainer. all the hands-on exhibits were open, as well as the sea lion show. of course, sky once again amazed me with his knowledge of sea creatures. i learned a lot.
this guy seriously hates me.
funny how sky has no qualms petting a stingray, yet will rarely even go near a small, tame dog.
the 2 sharks regarded one another.


3 thoughts on “he’s the zissou

  1. a lot of places have homeschool days around here – i love that it’s getting to be much more accepted! even legoland has a homeschool day :)


  2. Yeah, here, too. Businesses are dumb not to realize such a booming “market”. Even Great Wolf Lodge has started a special for homeschool families!


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