it’s my good time gang

today the boys and i took a field trip to tanaka farms for some autumnal fun. we picked pumpkins, went on a wagon ride, pet some animals, and got lost in ran through a corn maze. the kids also had a great time just literally, playing in the dirt.

this is sharkey’s idea of heaven. i swear this kid’s like the freaking goat whisperer. he is SO in love with animals.

this kid…not so much.
sky’s strengths seem to lie more in the genre of corn mazes. he had us through that thing in like, 2 minutes flat. which is good, cuz i had forgotten how claustraphobic i am.

there were tons of sunflowers around the farm. i (accidentally) snapped this bee in mid-flight!

and sky is now the proud owner of the smallest pumpkin in america. it may possibly have something to do with the fact that i said he had to be the one to carry around whatever he picked. smart boy.
in his typical independent fashion, sharkey turned up his nose at the idea of picking pumpkins. instead, he chose to take home…a huge clot of dirt. to each his own.


7 thoughts on “it’s my good time gang

  1. okay, what is so cool is that you avoided the huge crowd that will be there on the weekends!looks like you had a very nice time.


  2. it IS really nice to avoid the weekend crowds!the upside to hs is having so much time in the week with the kids. the downside to hs is having so much time in the week with the kids :) (just kidding)


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