neither hair nor there, part five

let’s talk hair.

when i was pregnant with sharkey (in 2006), i did that impulsive thing that pregnant women sometimes do…i cut my hair short. not super pixie short (i had tried that before and it does NOT work on me!), but chin-length.
so then i started to grow my hair back out. i tried to wear it natural (curly), which worked when it was this length:

but then it got longer. and since i had bangs, it really looked better straight. man, i look tired in these pictures. that’s what having a baby shark will do to you. but i do like the layers on this cut:

the only problem was…the back. it always looked so dry because it was damaged from all the blowdrying i did to straighten it. and doesn’t it look like my shirt is on backwards?

my hair actually got pretty long:

but since it wasn’t healthy, it would only look ok if i spent way too much effort on it:and who has time for that?
so in january of this year i somewhat impulsively chopped it to shoulder length, cleaning up the dead ends and giving it a fresh start. my goal was to grow out my bangs so i could just wear my hair natural (curly), and only straighten it every once in a while.
here i started to grow out my bangs. they were obviously rebelling:

fast-forward to this august, where my hair had grown out quite a bit…except for the bangs. my bangs were…still short. i can’t help it – whenever they got to that in-between stage over the eyes, they would drive me so batty that i cut them.

because of this, i started straightening my hair more and more, and thus the cycle of damage started all over again:

will i ever learn? probably not.  so my experimental nature got the best of me, and i decided to just go for it and cut a bunch of layers in it.  why not, right?  and what do you know, it actually looks alright. it is currently just above shoulder length, and finally layered to my liking. well, to my natural curl’s liking.

here are some photos from after my home layering:
and this is what my hair looks like this exact moment, in it’s natural, unruly state:

and you know the bang grow-out process is in full swing, since i have been pinning them back daily and wearing way too many of these:

and these:

also, i solemnly swear not to cut my bangs again myself. well, at least not for a few more days.
so. the downside is that my hair is shorter than i want it to be, but the upside is that it is now really healthy and super easy to do and wear naturally. and i think it will grow fast.
my goal is to grow out my bangs (maybe a long side-swept kind of look) so that i can grow the rest of my hair out long again, as well, and be able to wear it all curly.
i think.


12 thoughts on “neither hair nor there, part five

  1. okay, i won’t touch my or my families hair with even the dullest pair of scissors in the house. Aren’t you nervous when you start cutting? you do good work – I know that much. And, it does look much healthier now.


  2. you are so dang pretty! I think u could have a buzz cut and still be gorgeous…so I say, KEEP CUTTING! Cut AWAY…you do an awesome job (I’m with Dmoms)…your eyes are beauteous! and I love that you have Sharkey in your arms in a good chunk of those pix…whatta good momma! whatta hot momma!LY


  3. dmoms – i still do get a little nervous about cutting it – esp. when i cut the boys’ hair. but i’ve just been doing it for so long i’m starting to gain confidence :) sometimes back in college i used to cut my guy friends’ hair. once i tried to cut pants’ hair and i totally messed it up AND i cut his ear, making it bleed! it was terrible and hilarious at the same time. needless to say, i have never (and will never) cut HIS hair again! :) laurie – you are too much :) but thanks! you always make me feel good :) and yes, the shark is still in my arms about 90 percent of the time – so he’s been in a lot of my one-handed pix!


  4. I love you hair with just the natural curls…being a poker straight hair girl myself, I long for the wave. Good tip to get your hair and nails grow fast: take your daily multi-vitamin and a fish oil supp, too. I can hardly keep up with my kids nails and hair and they take both vits daily, as do I!! Or get pregnant (grin), that always does he trick to grow out and plump up your hair :o)


  5. ok-Wendy says I met you at her wedding. Sorry long ago and alot of people under the bridge. I’m pretty sure that if you were the frickin hottie then as you are now-i would have totally remembered you! you know who you look like in the 1st couple of pics is DR. Cameron on the TV show “HOUSE”. Frankly w/ a face and eyes like that, you could have a rag mop on your head and no one would notice.Hairstyle should NOT be such an issue for you. you’re gorgeous. anyway you cut it, it still just hair.


  6. suzanne – and i always wanted super straight hair :) AWESOME tip on the fish oil and vitamin supps! since another pregnancy is NOT an option :) i am going to start taking some fish oil (omega 3) capsules again.loo – i’ll take it as a compliment – just don’t say i dress or sing like her :) j/k.t – man, you make me laugh. and i WISH i looked like dr. cameron on house! you are waaayy too nice – you should see what i look like after a long day and night of wrestling with the shark! yikes. btw, isn’t house himself totally yummy?! i have a thing for cranky older men :)


  7. hey pretty lady, your hair looks great, all healthy and shiny. are you still doing your acv rinse treatments?and you DO look like Dr. Cameron and I also heart House. (:


  8. Stopping by to say Hi and thanks so much for that comment you left… If I ever get a chance to go to Africa, that would totally take my #1 missing spot, I’m sure – how long were you there? I’m so jealous, I’ve been dying to go!! :)And second… Been going through a daily should I cut/not cut? thing, too. I LOVE your hair. Is that your natural color????? Dear god! I use bottles to try to get anywhere near that, and it never, ever stays. I’d do anything to be able to throw my hair back with a bandana and look that cute, too.


  9. yes cranky older men ROCK!!My J Man is 20 over me and a close shorter version of Sean Connery. Don’t know if you happened upon a rare good shot of him on my blog, but he is yummy too.


  10. mb – yes, i am still doing my acv rinses! they are sooo good for keeping the hair soft. the only drawback is they tend to lighten my (unnatural) color if i do them too much. nikkicz – i wish it was my natural color! i have been a bottle red for years, now :) i always toy with going back to natural – but i love the red too much! i do hate how it fades so quick, though.oh, and i was only in africa for half a year. i came back to get married (pants proposed to me 4 days before i left!), else i would have stayed for years. i thought we would go back together, but…life happens :)t – i’m jealous! sean connery is the ultimate! off to go search your blog… :)


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