there’s a yin in my yang

is it the weekend again? already? man, this week has flown. it’s been a mix of good and bad this week, and a bit strained – mostly due to quarreling children (including a 2-year-old who is STILL waking up at 3am almost every night) and me feeling super tired, a bit depressed, and generally just out-of-sorts. pants wisely pointed out that i probably feel like this because of the frequent 3am rendezvous with sharkey. and it’s true – if i’m not getting enough sleep, after a few days, i’m pretty much useless.

also, sky and i had our first homeschool ‘disagreement’ earlier this week. we do so much hands-on learning – science experiments, nature walks, coin games, projects, reading tons of books, etc. – that i started to panic that he wasn’t doing enough ‘seatwork’. (like writing in workbooks, writing out math problems, etc. he knows how to do these things, but just thinks it’s boring to sit and do it.) after a couple days of butting heads about it, i decided i just needed to chillax. and remember why we are homeschooling in the first place. which is certainly not so he can sit around and do a bunch of workbooks. (i’m not knocking it – just saying it’s not how he learns best right now.)

i also read some great online articles about 6-year-old boys and how they learn, got the scoop from pants about what’s happening at the public school (he’s in with the other soccer moms more than me since he is the one who takes sky to practices), and went to a homeschool group on tuesday where i chatted with a couple other hs moms.

and it made me realize…sky is doing awesome. on his own. without me breathing down his neck about writing in a freaking workbook. every day he is eager to learn new things, and loving it, and the days i just follow his lead a little more are the most successful. if i use a little creativity instead of getting frustrated, he will respond to it. (for example, we tossed the busywork pages and instead learned about nouns, verbs, and adjectives by making a game of writing silly fill-in-the-blank ‘mad lib’ sentences on our huge white board.)

we also rearranged our dining room school room with more shelving and maps, and put all our school books/supplies OUT (i had previously been storing them in a large closet), so sky can get to them anytime he wants. it has made a big difference, and sky is constantly pulling stuff out to read and do. i also made a few cubbies that are just for sharkey, so he can ‘do school’ with us, too.

the homeschool journey itself is definitely a learning experience…mostly for me!


4 thoughts on “there’s a yin in my yang

  1. truly I can’t stand all the worksheets that my kids bring home and I review to only put them in recycle then. I’d rather they learn hands-on then out of a workbook any day. you’re doing good – quit being so hard on yourself : )


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