we can dance to the radio station that plays in our teeth

over labor day weekend, we (and by we, i mean pants) transformed our backyard (and by backyard, i mean patio) from a dirty toy den into a more adult-friendly space. pants had a grand idea involving flowy fabric and billowing breezes (hmm…) that came to life. i was just thrilled we were finally doing the project after months of talking about doing it. it looks so great now, and is a fun, shady space that is more like an outdoor room.

pants hung some discreet little wires across the yard, then draped the fabric over them crosswise. we secured the ends with wire ties and some stitching. i took some great shirtless pictures of pants during this process, but he’ll kill me if i put them up. sorry, ladies.
pants loved when the kids rolled up in the canopy fabric when he wasn’t looking.
pants also tore out 2 huge bushes that were overtaking our planter box, and majorly trimmed back the other foliage. then he put in a bunch of jaunty little palms. we decided to keep them in their pots for now, since they look so cute.
sharkey was a tremendous help with the plants.

so here’s the finished result. we LOVE it! it is really nice and cozy back there now. of course, we still need real furniture, decorations, etc. but that will have to wait till phase 2.

this is where we want to put a real table and chairs when we get some extra moosh.
here’s a view of our grill area. we made the canopy fabric over the grill more adjustable, so we could move it out of the way if it got too smoky.

my contribution to the project – spray painting some glass jars hot pink.
we had to trim our (neighbor’s) branches back, but in a few weeks they will look like this again:
our back alley was a hot mess of tangled weeds and old wood, so we spruced that up, too.
thanks, pants!!

11 thoughts on “we can dance to the radio station that plays in our teeth

  1. holy tomoly – that totally rocks what a fun new area.I have to ask though, did you watch 90210?I totally watched that show growing up. I have since grown up and therefore did not watch.I just said totally two times.


  2. Amy, wow, you four are a creative bunch. my fave, though, as always, is what Sharkey is into…love, love, love the pot pix! he rocks.Don’t you feel so nifty sittin out in your new area? you guys are so cool!have meant to comment before now…no excuse…miss chatting with you! glad, so glad, to hear that homeschooling seems to be a nice fit for your fam. What does Pants think thus far? You are in my prayers, chicklet.Love ya,LY


  3. dmoms – i was a closet fan of 90210 – i used to secretly watch it while my mom thought i was doing my homework :) i wouldn’t watch the new one though. but i may catch the old originals late at night now and then…stickers – thanks! i just love me some hot pink :)laurie – hey there, girl! i know, those shark pix are a riot. he is always up to something ridiculous! and pants is totally on board with the hs – he says (and this is a direct quote) ‘it kicks ass’ :)


  4. Is there ANY end to that man’s talents? Sheeesh! Looks a-mazing. I have to say, though… the “unfinished” alley picture reminds me of an episode of “The Dog Whisperer”, minus the unruly dog, of course. Oh, and Cesar Milan.


  5. Love the new look to the outdoors! (Not that I knew what the old look was)! :)Maybe this is a dumb question, but will the beautiful gauzy ceiling get water spots when it rains? Or doesn’t it rain there? :)


  6. hey wendy! it doesn’t rain much here (only a little bit from dec-march), but the fabric we used is an outdoor one that is supposed to dry fine after rain. our neighbors have had the same fabric (used in a different way) in their backyard for over a year, and it still looks great. so hopefully ours will, too :)


  7. OMGoodness, that looks so amazing! What a great idea with the fabric! Perfect for CA!And I love the jars, need to try that.


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