good morrow

one of the things i always loved about living in michigan was the close proximity to the annual renaissance festival. i know it’s not for everyone, but get me around wenches selling turkey legs, wandering minstrels, artisan craft booths, and men in kilts, and i’m in heaven. sky also has my same penchant for dueling knights, costumed fairies, and period fantasy lands, so i thought he would love going to the ren fest. which he did…until he got a bee sting right after we got there. on his freaking eyelid. it was his first bee sting, and the poor kid was in major pain for awhile. it was sad. thankfully, the combo of uncle jeremy helping him shoot a bow and arrow and the purchase of a wooden sword coaxed him back into a better mood.

sky with a makeshift icepack on his eye. doesn’t it look like sharkey is mocking him?the stinker shark with sweet cousin emily.

sky participated in a knife-throwing contest, where he was the only kid up against several adults. and he won! he was the only one to get the knife to stick in the wood. he was sooo proud of himself!
i’m pretty sure superman ice cream was an authentic food of renaissance times.

sharkey is our little animal lover, and he was very intent on riding a pony at the festival. he thinks he is just the coolest cat sitting on that thing.

this little upturned nose gets me every time.


4 thoughts on “good morrow

  1. dmoms – i think that too sometimes :) which is funny, cuz they aren’t technically related (emily is adopted). and we just got back to cali – i’m just playing catch-up with my michigan blog posts :)mb – the shark is total attitude, all the time, but in such a funny way. reminds me of one of your nephews when they were little. you would get the biggest kick out of him :)


  2. your MI pix are awesome…as always!Poor Sky!! always happens to the good men! glad to see that he recovered!and that pic of Sharkey with the upturned sniffer? OMG. he should be in pictures…sign that boy up!Glad you made it home safely…sure your visit w/ the fam was memorable!Love LY


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