solar planets in my paradise

the boys have been begging for a wild animal excursion, so yesterday we took them (along with my sis-in-law and her sweet little one) to the detroit zoo. before we moved to cali 4 years ago, sky and i actually used to visit the zoo on a weekly basis, as our house was only about 5 minutes away. memories!

grandpa and the boys

brotherly love.

me and the boys. sky looks puzzled.
there’s a lot of butts in this picture.
i love that my dad is behind us taking a picture at the same time.

sky loooves his cousin emily. she’s 3, and they are so sweet together.

yes, sky wears his indiana jones’ garb everywhere.
and i do mean everywhere.


3 thoughts on “solar planets in my paradise

  1. fun and more fun.when you come to Seattle though – you HAVE to go to our zoo. It is the best zoo ever – even better than San Diego Zoo.


  2. Hey Amy. It’s Amy Brandt (was Lynch). Malissa’s been telling me about your blog for forever and I’m finally checking it out. I have Celiac’s disease and I’m really excited about your recipes and list of GF friend’s blogs. This is great!! Hope you guys are doing well. Did you see the polar bears? That’s my favorite part of the Detroit Zoo.


  3. dmoms – i will definitely take you up on that! i didn’t know seattle had such a great zoo.hey amy lynch (brandt)! i thought i might have heard that you had celiac’s – when did you find out you had it? hope some of my linkies help – it’s nice that info is so readily available nowadays about eating gluten-free! ps – yes, we saw the polar bears! it’s one of my fave parts, too :)


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