the druids

sorry i haven’t been around more, but we’ve been busy getting ready for our 2 week trip to michigan. (it will be just the boys and i, as pants is staying behind for work and such. waah! pants, we’ll miss you!) we are leaving this afternoon, and i must admit i’m a bit nervous about flying by myself with both kiddos. hopefully sharkey will sleep on the plane, and the carry-on bag of toys, tricks, and treats will serve it’s intended purpose.

we will be staying at my folks’ house, so i’ll try to keep up with blogging while we’re there.

mom, i hope you’re ready for this!


7 thoughts on “the druids

  1. lisa, i thought of that, but then decided against it. now i am kicking myself :) i can’t believe you fly with all three yourself! you are supermom :)


  2. I love suckers b/c it keeps the kids quite :) The dollar store is a life saver too. I’ve even brough playdough on planes. Praying for safe travels :) It’ll be fine. Just remember….driving is a LOT longer :)


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