you put the anch in franchise

finally, after 32 years on this earth, i’ve found my true calling in life. no, it’s not to be the best mother, wife, or citizen i can be. it’s not to impact others’ lives for good, or spread love throughout the land.

it’s…to play guitar hero.

i know i’m late to the bandwagon, but geez louise, is it ever fun. and i’m in love with it. and after playing for my first time yesterday at mikey and coco’s house, i’m now addicted. seriously.

coco (in the green) and i, duking it out.
mikey thinks he is too cool for school.
pants and mikey in the ultimate showdown.
and here is what happens when all the adults are too busy playing a silly video game instead of paying attention to the kids…


4 thoughts on “you put the anch in franchise

  1. Oh yes! Welcome to the addiction. It’s always nice to hear that another parent (and woman) out there loves GH3 like I do. :) I’m glad Laura reads your blog. LOL.


  2. mark, we can battle it out when i come to mich :)dmoms – if you try it you will get sucked into the rock and roll vortex :) pants was waiting for me to try it before he bought it…and as of last night, we now own it. :)


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