i never took you for an informer, max

the haps
(or, reasons i haven’t been posting much in the last week)

* the lens on my camera broke
we decided to upgrade instead of fix the one we have, but we haven’t gotten the new cam yet. in the meantime, i am so bummed over all the picture/video opportunities i am missing! sharkey is cracking us up lately, with his pretending to ‘exercise’, dressing up in sky’s pirate gear, and walking around the house yelling ‘fire in the hole!’ this is so my favorite age.
and just today, sky and one of his buddies were sitting in the same chair, munching a snack together – an ideal picture moment. waahh! camera, you complete me.

* pants is a workaholic working A LOT lately
i won’t tell you how many hours he worked last week, or that he looks like a walking zombie, or even that he had to work late on our TEN YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY last friday. nothing like canceled anniversary plans. now that’s romance!

* because of the above, the kids and i have been filling up our time with lots of activities/hanging out with friends/etc.
unlike poor pants, we’ve actually been having lots of fun!

* i’ve been sprucing up the place and re-arranging furniture in several rooms
yes, i know i re-arrange the furniture way too much. it’s what i do to avoid actually cleaning. so i do it…a lot. our place is already pretty clutter-free, but i’ve streamlined it a bit more. i’m always trying to find that perfect balance of minimal yet cozy. it’s getting there.

* i’ve been focusing on/planning for homeschooling

* the shark is recovering from a slight ear infection

* we’ve been getting ready for a trip to michigan
i’m not sure of the exact dates yet, but soon the boys and i will be heading back home for 2 weeks. (loo! we WILL be reuniting!) midwest, here we come!


6 thoughts on “i never took you for an informer, max

  1. jeez, I was beginning to wonder if you fell in the ocean.sound like some fun times in cali, except the pants part.boo hoo, I have not been back to Michigan in 20 years. Wow, did I just say that?


  2. loo and mark – we are coming aug. 7-21st. we will definitely get together for some fun! :)fussy – aw, thanks! you seriously just made my day! :)


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