school is where the heart is

so. i have been working up the courage to post about sky’s new schooling situation.
dum de dum…it’s official…
we are now going to be homeschoolers! can you believe it?!
sky had a wonderful kindergarten experience at the local public school, and did exceptionally well. but after months of prayer, TONS of research, endless talks with other homeschoolers, and weighing all the options, we just really feel that this is the right decision for our family. sky is THRILLED – he is so excited about it, and keeps a running list of all the things he wants to learn about ‘in homeschool’.
i’ve always wanted to homeschool the kids, but it was never the right time. till now. i still can’t believe pants is on board – that is no small miracle, and a sign to me that we are on the right path.

here are just a few of our reasons for homeschooling:
* we want more time with sky
* we want more time for sky and sharkey to be together
my kids are 4 years apart, and sky already has a pretty active social calendar – i don’t want my boys growing apart as they grow up.
* i still want to be the most influential person in his life

school days are long, and sky is so easily influenced by his peers. we just want to make sure his character is really grounded in the right things.
* we want to expand his mind
i think school is great, and kids learn so much cool stuff nowadays. but there are some subjects that just get breezed over, and we want to be able to take the time for sky to really absorb them.
we also want to explore lots of (untraditional) topics sky is interested in.
* he will learn to interact with people of all ages, not just his peer group
* we will have more opportunity for extended field trips/vacations
locally, we would love the freedom to explore all california has to offer. also, our families are both on the other side of the country, and it would be great to go visit and stay awhile. i think.
* we want to offer a Christian perspective

so that’s that. i am super excited, but also really nervous! today i started nailing down the curriculum we are going to use, and writing out my lesson plans through the end of december. i am using a couple different curriculums and also incorporating some of my own ideas. sky is really visual and creative, so a lot of our learning will be hands-on. i have a copy of the ‘first grade standards’, noting everything sky is supposed to learn this year, which helps tremendously.
we plan to begin in august. any ideas, encouragement, and prayer will be appreciated!
ps – yes, i know about the new california homeschooling ‘law’. i’m not worried about it.


11 thoughts on “school is where the heart is

  1. your are so going to ROCK at homeschooling! I’m so impressed and a little jealous! I wish it was something we would have started years ago. Way to Go!


  2. OF COURSE you know how stinkin’ happy I am for you!!! I am here for you. Email me, call me, come over… :) It’s an amazing journey. You are making the right choice. xoxo.


  3. Yahhhh!! So glad to have you in the ring!I agree with Loo and Dmoms…you will rock, Sky and Sharkey will thrive and rock as well!!AWWWWWWWWWESOME!! Yah!! YEHAA!! WOO HOO!now I will try to think of some encouraging ideas…I’ll hafta write back later!You can do it!LY


  4. Yippee! Woo-hoo! I’m so excited for you guys…we wouldn’t trade homeschooling for the world! I must say I’m terribly impressed that you’re working on your lesson plans already, and through Dec. at that. I just had a friend remind me that public school starts back in 5 weeks, and while AK laws are basically non-existent for # of days in school, etc, I still try to start close to the same time everyone else does. And ack! So many things to do still this summer and so many things I want to plan ahead for! But, that’s the beauty of homeschool…we can be utterly flexible (and udderly flexible, too, as right now our time is consumed with getting our goats)!And I love your list of reasons why you’re homeschooling! It’s similar to my “Homeschooling Manifesto” that’s been brewing in my mind since you first asked me about homeschooling!One more note: I would highly recommend the resource “The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach” by Robin Sampson. I just got it this summer, and it’s really informing my schooling choices for next year! Okay, enough rant from me in praise of homeschool…we’re here for you!


  5. thanks, wendy! i always appreciate your insight so much. you have definitely helped big-time with opening my eyes to the joys of the homeschool journey :) and i will definitely check out the robin sampson resource – it sounds like a really informative read. i know i am probably going overboard a bit with my lesson planning :) in reality, we will probably be a bit more organic throughout the year. i’m just such an ocd/planner type, and nervous about starting, that i can’t help it :)ps – what a great idea to have a ‘h.s. manifesto’!


  6. Yeah! I’m sooooo glad to hear that you’re going to homeschool. Always remember you’re not alone :) The best piece of advice I received (and it actually came from someone I can’t stand!) was….”find what YOU like and are comfortable with and do it…don’t worry about what everyone else is doing” There’s a bit more to it, but I think you get the idea :) Everyone is different and their families are different, that’s why there is so much curriculum out there. I’m very excited for you! Now stop being so organized!!!! You’re stressing me out about this coming year and the prep I need to do!! :)


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