let us swear allegiance

as i mentioned before, the 4th of july is a big-time celebration here in huntington beach, complete with a huge parade, all day parties, and fireworks shot off the end of the pier at night. everyone is crowded downtown and in high spirits. usually we attend the parade with a group of friends (staking out our spot the night before), then have a get-together back at our place. this year we kicked it up with pants running the pre-parade 5k stroller run (with sharkey in the jogger stroller), and sky and i walking in the parade with our mom’s club. afterwards, we had our annual party, with friends and neighbors over for lots of eating and swimming. And merry-making!

sky and i went early to help gather our parade group together and pass out t-shirts.
sky’s wagon-seat breakfast: eggs and toast brought from home.
balcony parties start early in this town.
sky and i…parade walkers!it was so much fun. there were announcers throughout the parade route, and  got my name announced when we walked by. so i was famous…for a minute. oh, and i also got interviewed on tv! of course, it was by our local channel that no one except literally senior citizens ever watch, but still!
our mom’s club – the huntington beach mother’s club.
we even had a group of dads walk with us, too, which was great (and not just cuz they could carry the sign and help pull the wagons!).

after the parade, it was back to our place for party time!  aaand…here is a totally gratuitous picture of my front porch roses:
as usual, i totally forgot to take pictures of all the yummy food at the party.
and of all our yummy friends.
i did however, manage to snap a shot of these two jokers in their matching outfits.
on to the pool!
sharkey is a little obsessed with ‘swinging’ lately.
(note the cute orange bag pants is holding. he’s so stylish!)

pants shows his mighty strength by carrying sky and a friend around in the pool. back home again, indiana jones and one of his many sidekicks search for clues.
once it gets dark, we usually just drag a few chairs out into our back alley and watch the fireworks with the neighbors. i opted out this year (by accidentally falling asleep on the couch), so i don’t have any pictures. but pants and the boys saw the display, and sharkey (who fell asleep in the middle of them) told me all about it this morning.

we had a great time yesterday. but now i’m exhausted. off to recuperate by eating left-over dessert for breakfast!


4 thoughts on “let us swear allegiance

  1. okay, I am cracking up because I had leftover dessert for breakfast today as well. Your day sounded so great. We partied with all the neighbors and it gets really crazy here at night with all the fireworks.Everyone had a terrific time except our dog who still doesn’t want to go outside : )


  2. wow, what a great, exhausting day! It’s like the “I’ve been at an amusement park all day” type of tired. (:Unfortunately, our area was lame this year. Thanks to all the snow this past winter, there was no $$ in the budget to celebrate the 4th. Kind of depressing. Oh well, maybe next year…


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