paradise is a state of mind

this has been a wild and fun week, filled with all the quintessential summertime fun – beach trips, pool parties, water balloon fights, playdates, hanging with the neighborhood kids, etc.

it’s only thursday, and i’m worn out! but in a good way. i think. anywho, here are some highlights…

typical shark.
sky – aka indiana jones – has taken to combing the neighborhood for hidden treasures and secret traps. all recorded in symbolic form in his handy little notebook.

sharkey is really into ‘helping’ these days. and not wearing pants.

we just got an xbox 360, so in the evenings, sky’s been playing the new indiana jones lego game. like i said, sharkey really likes to ‘help’.
yea! they are actually using the new playroom! sky has some kind of complicated ‘war’ ala lord of the rings going on here – he explained it to me but it was pretty much over my head. these curls just kill me.
sky loves treasure mapping – especially when you can use a real feather.
this pretty much sums up the reason we moved to california.
contemplating the sea life.
(geez louise, could those cheeks be any fatter? i want to bite them.)


7 thoughts on “paradise is a state of mind

  1. Soak up all you can :) There’s nothing better than summer time fun! Especially, sitting back and watching the kids have fun. I love that!


  2. love all the pictures of the boys! I think we have the same toenail polish. (:Btw, I tried your lowfat fudge choc. chip cupcakes, YUM and also the orange julius, another YUM! (:


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