tinted by the moon fantastic

my folks and i took the boys to the tide pools this week, where lots of climbing and exploring transpired. thankfully, sharkey didn’t fall face first into a tide pool like he did the last time we went.

sharkey loved this particular water hole. or possibly he just loved splashing grandpa.

sky threw caution to the wind in his climbing adventures. unfortunately, sharkey also tried to follow suit, resulting in grandma almost having a heart attack.

sky was on a mission finding treasures – although somehow my pockets ended up as the designated holding place of shells, rocks, and feathers.


4 thoughts on “tinted by the moon fantastic

  1. where’s the grandma and grandpa? I am sure you enjoyed seeing them and they seeing you. Tide pools are way fun and Sharkey looks so grown up!!


  2. beautiful pics as always.(:btw, I made your asian chick wraps yesterday with our guests and everyone LOVED it! Huge hit and so filling. I can’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunch! I also added some ground ginger in the sauce b/c I’m like addicted to it. (:


  3. mb – yea! i am so glad you made those!! and that you guys liked them! ooh, good idea on the ginger – i want to try that. and i am all about the lettuce wrap leftovers! :)


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