throw a blanket over the moon

i have to share this. i don’t even have a picture, but an important, life-changing event happened today.

today…i made THE BEST chocolate cake. EVER. (which is also the actual name of the cake, i think.) i mean, sure, i bake yummies all the time, but this? this is truly the best cake i have ever tasted. the recipe is here, and it is so divine.

** and the best part? i substituted the regular flour with half sorghum and half rice flour, making this cake gluten-free. and no one could even tell!

so go make this now, and all will be right with the world.


5 thoughts on “throw a blanket over the moon

  1. i have tried several of her recipes, and there was only one that i wasn’t too crazy about. and even that one was still worth trying :)


  2. Sounds heavenly…especially since this is “officially” my most sweet craving pregnancy, yet! Do you think you could make that with soy milk and add the vinegar to the soy to make the “butter milk” like she suggested if you don’t have any?? Just curious, we don’t drink cows milk…


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