i pricked my finger on your thorny spine

hello bumpy little blog, we have been busy bees this week! between my responsibilities with our local mom’s club (a mother’s day luncheon, a board meeting held at my house, and a charity garage sale), and school, playdates, bunco nite…things have been just a *little bit* hectic around here. oh, and did i mention we had 15 people from our church over for dinner last night?


5 thoughts on “i pricked my finger on your thorny spine

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog! I do remember you and your family from Genesis, when Skylar was just little in the Garden. I stop by your blog every so often…so much fun to read and I LOVE your artsy photography!!!! So much fun…you inspire me to let my kids get messy(er) and enjoy every moment of it :o)Suzanne


  2. thanks, suzanne! you are too nice :) i read your blog, too – your kiddos are so cute and you guys are always doing fun stuff! loo – methinks it’s time for you to come out here!! pants misses your sarcastic comments! :)


  3. Can’t wait to see what’s in store on Calamity Jane! Have missed talking with you…I’m with you though, things are too crazy busy…it MUST slow down and soon!Hang in there!LYPS: I can’t get any pix uploaded to my blog…tryin’ to figure out what I’ve done with computer revamp to make it disappear. waa waa


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