this guy

this guy will only write his name with an exclamation point at the end.

this guy responded today, ‘i don’t necessarily do that’, when asked to help out with something.

this guy is loved by the ladies. he has 3 girlfriends already claiming him for marriage. (his sensible yet morbid solution: ‘when one dies, i’ll just marry the next one.’)

this guy loves to make realistic, elaborate scenes out of legos.

ie, here is a ‘scene within a scene’ where director george lucas and a camera man are shooting a movie scene:

george lucas looks remarkably accurate:

5 thoughts on “this guy

  1. you know that I am saving my lego’s and bionicles so that Sky will have something to play with when you come to visit. he and josh can lego until they can lego no more!sounds like he is a ladies man!


  2. my big boys would love to play legos for hours with your boy. they would be so impressed with his lego scene. I’ll show ’em this post!this boy IS beautiful! but look at his parentage. sheesh. if some of us could be so lucky.LY


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