this guy

this guy must do EVERYTHING himself.  ie, he pulls up a chair to the counter and gets his own knife, then gets a slice out of the bread bag and butters it himself. (he just turned two)

this guy walks around like he owns the place. and thinks he’s better than all of us.

this guy is saying things like ‘see spider on tree’ and ‘hear owl whoo?’ and ‘i give doggies hug’.

this guy loves nothing more than air guitaring to rock-n-roll while only wearing his brother’s underwear.

this guy still can’t get his hand out of my shirt.


9 thoughts on “this guy

  1. I’m married to a guy 58 years older than Sharkey,who acts much the same way, but speaks a little more eloquently w/ an occassional grunt, doesn’t so much go for air guitaring, but……………..still can’t get his hands out of MY shirt. so-lesson is- hands will never cease trying to be in a woman’s shirt.


  2. and tricia – pants is much the same as your husband, although for some reason he apparently still can’t do the first thing on sharkey’s list :)


  3. i don’t know why boys can’t keep their hands off our happy fun bags.and laurie, yeah, sharkey is the classic example of the kid who looks like an angel, but acts like a devil :)


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