my happiness is frozen on a stick

pants took sky skiing on saturday, a cold weather activity they both enjoy. though i must admit i don’t like the thought of sky poised precariously on a mountain top, our firstborn’s natural talent cannot be denied. it is turning out quite lovely living in this place where you can surf and ski in the same day.

this bad man stole my baby and took him up on some super high chair lifts. sky was wary at first, but the view of the lake scenery (complete with romping squirrels) quickly overcame any lingering fears.

pants roped himself to sky on a few of the larger runs.

sky was excited that even his boots were red – completing his ‘red power ranger’ look.


7 thoughts on “my happiness is frozen on a stick

  1. I am really impressed! my goal for next winter is to get the kids at least one opportunity to try skiing/snowboarding. It is really spendy here which is the problem.did you see the jon and kate that they went skiing …too funny.also, what a good idea to rope themselves together.


  2. i did see that jon and kate! it’s funny how opposite they are – where she said she liked to stay inside all the time, and he was sooo happy to snowboard – that part was sweet. yeah, it is really $$, else we (esp. pants) would go all the time. pants is in love with winter sports!i was impressed with his ‘rope tricks’, too :)


  3. ps – next time you come down, we should take the kids! big bear mt. is only 2 hours from here. sand and snow in the same day!! :)


  4. excuse me ladies, mind if I interrupt? :) (you two are so cute)…I am with dmoms, very impressive that he not only took the boy skiing but took some photos to go along with it! Wow!! you got yourself a keeper!peace, kids!LY


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