memories unfold in shimmering gold

another crazy week!

it’s a hard-knock life for these kids. hardknocklife


channeling stevie ray vaughn…

2008 - JANUARY 326

guess who came to visit?  dmoms (with her 3 sweet kiddos)!  I can’t believe it’s been literally like 20 years since i last saw her!2008 - JANUARY 478


2 thoughts on “memories unfold in shimmering gold

  1. okay, so like my hair is so flippy in that picture!wait, do they still talk like that in CA ?I want to come back – really, I could easily live in CA. My PNW husband would need some serious convincing though to move : (


  2. thankfully, i don’t think we have any valley girls around here! and your flippy hair is cute! (better than my dirty, unwashed hat head) :)i wish you did live here! it was so nice to see you guys. maybe your great vacation pix and the promise of warm weather can convince your hubs! that’s what did it for us! :)


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