here’s a little secret about us…we co-sleep with our kids! not so much sky anymore (he has bunkbeds in his room where sharkey will join him when he’s older), although he does still wander into our bed sometimes late at night. i know not everyone may agree, but it’s what works for our family. we actually never even put a crib up for sharkey. it was just soooo much easier for night nursing to have him right next to me. and our boys are such snugglebunnies that they always just wanted to sleep by someone. so bedtimes are easy, and it’s fun waking up with all these sweaty, stinky boys.

ps – i also heard recently that bono (of u2) co-slept with his four kids. hey, if it’s good enough for bono, it’s good enough for us!

(my kids gets really sweaty at night, which is why they hardly ever wear their pajama bottoms.)
the only drawback to co-sleeping is that we never know where sharkey will end up!


9 thoughts on “bedhogs

  1. OMG…what a sweaty, lovely mess! I love it. It is so much easier when you are nursing, I think it makes baby sleep better. Zoe still sneaks into our room. Nothing wrong with it at all. But, I’m suprised at how many people are quick to share their opinion with you on the subject when they disagree about co-sleeping. So odd.


  2. yep, Tori (seven) is a regular in our bed too. They all have had their time sleeping with us. They love it when Joe is out of town, then I let them all have a sleepover with me.


  3. so nice to know we’re not the only ones! :) who wouldn’t want to sleep next to another human you love? it’s how we were designed!z – yes, people have big opinions on this subject :) who cares where the kids sleep – as long as they sleep!dmoms – your ‘sleepovers’ sound so sweet! :)


  4. rock on co-sleepers…my kids all love sleeping with us and have over the years as well! It’s a nursing mother’s saving grace!I love, love, love these different sleeping pix…freakin’ hilarious! Sharkey and my Melanie have something in common…she ends up SIDEWAYS when she sleeps!! loved this post, Velv! (like your new nicky from me???)


  5. All 5 of our little nursers have enjoyed sleeping with us. Somehow they (excluding the baby) have managed to “leave the love nest’ when they are weaned but try to sneak back in when daddy is gone on trips. I remember thinking I WILL learn to nurse laying down if it kills me with my high needs firstborn… saved my sanity yes it did!!! Anyway.. don’t blink the time you have with them is WAY too short – My mom HAD to remind me as Carl turned 9 this past birthday that he was 1/2 way growed up and gone!! YIKES!!!


  6. As I see it from your post, a benefit of co-sleeping is that if you’re ever stranded in a jungle and have to sleep with a herd of monkeys, you’ll be used to it and still get a good night’s sleep! :)(Or maybe it’s if you have to sleep in a pack of walruses, if you’ve ever seen a pack of walruses on land together…)LOL!


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