the birthday parade continues…

march is quite the celebratory month for us – sharkey was born the day after pants’ birthday. the baby shark is now officially 2!! festivities were abbreviated, in light of our recent sickies, but the kids had fun, nonetheless!

thanks for the trick tracks and cars, grandma and grandpa!  (sky especially thanks you!)  thanks for the new bike, mom and dad!
stupid bike! yeah, thanks a lot, mom and dad.
thanks secondhand store, for my new-to-me $6 car!
(what a steal!)
thanks God, that i could be naked on my birthday.
and for cupcakes.


5 thoughts on “the birthday parade continues…

  1. Happy Birthday, Sharkey! Since he’s turning two, have you had tons of people asking you “when you’ll have another one?”Trust me, I’m not asking, just curious of if other people are asking, b/c that’s what I always got when my boys turned 2!And I just have to ask where Sharkey’s name came from…is he named Sharkey for some deep, meaningful reason, or the perfectly wonderful reason of “We just liked the name!”? My goodness, I’m being nosy today! I’ll sign off now!


  2. hey nosy sprite :) just kidding – i love the questies! people have pretty much asked me when we’re gonna try for ‘our girl’ since sharkey was born! and they are answered with a vehement ‘we’re NOT!’ :)and i found the name ‘sharkey’ in a tolkien book when i was pregnant, and instantly fell in love with it! so not a very deep or meaningful reason. but it is an actual (irish) name, believe it or not! and did you know sky was named after a boy we met in the yukon that summer??!! what was that mining town called where we met oliver? it was a newfoundland boy there named skylar.


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