tawdries asunder

so i’ve been ‘tagged’ for a meme by laurieandcrew, which i guess means i have to write 5 things that are ‘weird or unusual’ about myself. wow. only 5?

1 kind of a sad one…i was originally a twin, but my mom miscarried my twin early on in the pregnancy.

2 i hate the sound of whistling. like, hate it. unfortunately, i am forever doomed to hear it – my dad was a chronic whistler, and sky has also picked up on this habit. pants, my armchair psychologist, claims i feel this way because i myself can’t whistle, but that theory has yet to be proven.

3 i lived in ethiopia for five months before i was married. this one needs a blog entry all it’s own…

4 i love folklore, medieval renaissance fairs, tolkien tales, etc. and i really love dragons. a lot. oh, and dark halloween decorations, too – skulls, skeletons, vampires, oh my!i can peel a banana with my toes.

both my kids were born naturally, with no drugs. i had them both at an independent birth center with a midwife. it was very empowering!

7 (bonus)mom, don’t read this one. but believe it or not, i love when guys have their nipples pierced. i think it’s totally hot! i have yet to convince pants of that, though.
so. that’s a few of my secrets.  i will now pass the buck along and tag dmoms and marybeth!


7 thoughts on “tawdries asunder

  1. I am still trying to figure out what the pic is? You would tag me now wouldn’t you! I have to save that for tomorrow as I am knee deep in spelling words and cooking dinner.and,I might have to borrow a blogger from you to tag next. I promise to give them back.


  2. if you need a blogger, i would suggest loo. and you can keep her…just kidding!! :)the pic is of part of a vase. i collect colored glass, and it is my favorite piece.


  3. I had no idea you squeezed in time to live in Ethiopia between Alaska and getting married! How did I miss that? It must have been somewhere after Mark and I coming out for the birthday get-together (was it your birthday or Janna’s, and at whose campus?), our camping weekend when we saw the black bears and I have that funny picture of Andy standing off by himself by a sign while the rest of us are gathered around the truck, but before the next time we saw you-at Janna’s wedding then ours. Would love to hear about it!


  4. wendy, that was such a great weekend camping – with weirdo pants :) and the black bears! i have a picture from that weekend in a collage on my fridge! i think mark tried to teach me to drive a stick then, too – to no avail! do you ever hear from janna?timeline, if i can remember:fall 96 – you guys came to my college for my b-day (i just remember the cake saying ‘happy amy’ :) summer 97 – camping tripfall 97 – janna’s weddingjan-may 98 – i went to africajuly 98 – my weddingsummer/fall 98 – your weddingis that right?


  5. oh, the fun walks down memory lane!! you definitely have some stories to tell, young lady. what a wonderful time to start…now…on your blog. we need to see a pic of your fridge collage as well as other fun tidbits from your past…I didn’t know you were a twin…pretty amazing. peeling a banana with your toes? talent. (I think my sister could do that with you). You go, au naturel birthing sister. Power to the Women!! (we are so much tougher than our counterparts) :) physically anyway.love ya, peaches.happy amy.happy thursday.


  6. Yes, the “Happy Amy” cake! I didn’t have enough room or enough chocolate chips to spell out the whole thing! lol! :)I think you’re right about fall 97 camping, since that was for my b-day, and Mark and I didn’t start dating till late fall of 96. I think Janna got married May ’98, and the only reason I remember that is that Mark and I worked on memorizing our vows on that road trip! We were married June ’08, to which you and Pants were so kind to come, and then you were married July 18?, ’98. So throw in your trip to Africa, and voila!No, sadly I never hear from Janna…though I think it was Kathy G. that told me she did finally hear from her, they have a little boy, and all is well. Check out this old post of mine: http://mountainmeanderings.blogspot.com/2006/09/visit-from-gottlobs.htmlWould love to see your collage! :)


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