mineral makeup 101

i have been dabbling (literally) in mineral makeup for a couple of years now. i don’t wear a lot of makeup, but i do wear it almost everyday. and nothing else i have ever tried has come close to mineral makeup.

mineral makeup is just what it sounds like – crushed up minerals (pure, found in nature) that come in a powder form. most brands contain natural-occurring spf, and have no chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances. which means it is less irritating on your skin, and helps minimize breakouts. here is an article with more info…not all brands are alike, and currently i’m using a mix of bare escentuals and everyday minerals (this is a great site to get free samples from). i highly recommend the bare escentuals/bare minerals line!

another great thing about mineral makeup is that you can mix and match it – you can use the same pot for blush, eye shadow, lip color, etc. it’s really fun to play around with!

i don’t really know a lot about makeup application, but with mineral makeup, it’s easy enough even for us noobs. so here is a glimpse into my personal routine…

start with a clean face (I also try to exfoliate once a week, including my lips) and light moisturizer. also, since mineral makeup is applied with brushes, invest in some quality ones. a good brush will be more gentle on your skin, and your makeup will go on so much smoother. i saw a big difference when i started getting my brushes from bare escentuals. well worth the price, and they will last a long time. just clean them once a week with a little soap and water.
step one – foundation
pour just a little bit of foundation into the lid. start with a light layer – it is always easier to add another layer (for more coverage) than to have to remove excess. and a little goes a long way with mineral makeup!the secret to applying mineral makeup is this little mantra: swirl, tap, buff.

first, swirl it around.

tap off the excess.
then gently buff it on your skin, in a circular motion.
don’t forget your neck!
sometimes i dab a little on my finger and cover my sweet little beauty mark. ok fine, it’s a zit.
just another perk of the foundation – you can use it as cover-up!
let’s just make sure this is good and covered.

step two – blush and brows

i apply blush the same way as the foundation – just pour it into the lid, swirl it around, and tap off the excess. then i just buff it onto the apples of my cheeks for definition and color.

i’m apparently very proud of that blush application.

i put a little bit of auburn color in my brows since i dye my hair red.
sometimes i dab off even more brow color excess onto a handy towel. remember: a little goes a long way – especially with the eyebrow color!
step three – eyes

i can’t say enough about this eyeliner brush from bare escentuals. even though when i first got it, i hated it. but now i understand it’s brilliant design. finally, after 15 years, i can properly put on eyeliner! and here’s a fun fact for you: mineral makeup does not smudge or smear like other eye makeup sometimes does. it will last all day, staying exactly where you put it! alright, commercial over.

i normally use this just like the other mineral makeup, but for a darker ‘evening’ look, you can wet the brush first.

this was a tricky picture to take.

and now sharkey will demonstrate how to use an eyelash curler.

i also add an ivory color under my brows and to the inner corners of my eyes for a highlight, and sometimes color on my lids. then i curl my eyelashes and use a (drugstore brand) mascara. and voila! done!

so here’s me with no makeup – yikes! don’t mind the tiredness.
now here’s me after applying my super sweet mineral makeup.
better. though still tired. and i just realized i forgot to apply my lipgloss. but you get the idea!

10 thoughts on “mineral makeup 101

  1. I use Bare Escentuals and will never go back. I used to use all Mary Kay products but when I found out the Bare Escentuals were much more natural – I made the switch a roo. I don’t have that eyeliner brush though – I need/want that! I hardly wear any makeup so I like the look it gives. And, it lasts forever!! You do have to be careful not to use too much – the tap of the mantra is essential! I also put a cloth down so it doesn’t end up all over the counter. Yep, I am sold on mineral make-up if you couldn’t tell : )


  2. I use Clinique everything and I have been wanting to switch for awhile. I have a gift card to Ulta, which sells both brands you are talking about. You have convinced me! P.S. You aret otally pretty and you remind me of Priscilla Presley!


  3. dmoms – i love me some bare escentuals, too! it does get all over sometimes :) but SO worth it, for sure!! zakary – you should definitely make the switch! i just love using it – it doesn’t even feel like i am wearing any makeup. and i wish i looked like priscilla presley! you are too nice! :)laurie and crew (r.i.p. ‘athomemama’) – bare escentuals is initially pricey, but as dmoms said, will last forever. everyday minerals is good for samples (i think it’s like $3 for five small samples?) and more affordable prices. ‘suncat mineral makeup’ is another less $$ option. i definitely have to spread out my bare escentuals purchases not to give pants a heart attack :)


  4. Ok, I think I am going to have to break down and try it. I have been breaking out more lately, and after hearing everything I think this will help. You do look like Priscilla, but better. She has started looking a little plastic lately, and you do not look that way at all. :)


  5. thankfully, i’m not quite to the plastic stage yet! although i do live in southern cali, so you never know :) just kidding!!


  6. You are far from plastic. Priscilla is closin’ in on 60…so kudos to you…you are the kind of chicklet that will be awesome into your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!! (not that you are ANYWHERE near those decades)Thanks for the tips…I will check out my options. I learn so much from you!! You rock!(I miss my athomemama…though I had so many people ask if it was a tho me mama…)


  7. Okay, okay… I’ll quit considering the switch and give it a try! :) I ordered a sample kit from Everyday Minerals – I CAN’T WAIT!


  8. Yes, < HREF="http://www.couponalbum.com/category/health-beauty.htm" REL="nofollow">mineral makeup<> is the best for your skin, I too use it daily.


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