from hawaii to the shores of peru



8 thoughts on “from hawaii to the shores of peru

  1. ooooooooo man, once again, sheer magnificence!! I need to be where it’s warm today. it’s so blasted cold here!I’m assuming that the silhouette pic is andypants and baby sharkey…love it.I feel so warm now.


  2. it’s actually pants and sky – i took that last picture a while back, so maybe that’s why sky looks so little! his leg looks like a twig! :) you need to come visit – it’s 75 degrees here today!!


  3. you crack me up…a pants post!!can’t wait to see his little baby face!it’s just not right that it’s so warm there, well, I guess it is but that is the perfect temp.


  4. looking back at the beautiful picture, yeah, that would be odd to have a 21-mo. old that is that long and skinny…durh. someone needs to pay attention to details. (me)when I feel chilly, (which really isn’t often), I will visit this exact post!I really need to email you back…after I do the dishes from the party last night.


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