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What would we do without all our weird man-made landmarks.

random happenings…

Um…did you know you can iron your shirt pockets with your hair straightener?  #genius #lazy #hateironing

Doesn’t matter the size of the pool, the Shark’s always the first one in… the other day he spent like half in hour in our neighbor’s DOG’S pool, and we were only at another friend’s house for a matter of minutes before he was fully soaked in their little pool:

Someone get this kid a pet, stat…He’s been looking up dog shelters in the area online, all this kid wants is animals to snuggle.  #waitingforpantstoagree

This is an old pic/caption of Pants from a couple months ago that I put on Insta, but it’s fitting because apparently I’m a big copycat and I just got one of MY teeth pulled yesterday! (It had been a major issue for a long time.)  Unlike Pants though, I was put under for the whole thing…I’m no martyr…

So Pants had a root canal done six years ago, and instead of it fixing the prob, he actually developed a hidden infection/abscess underneath the tooth they worked on, which has been growing there the last six years. 😳 (This is actually kind of common, unfortunately.) It always was sort of bothering him, and now we can see it’s been part of his health issues as a whole. Last month he went to a great holistic dentist and got the whole tooth removed, and he feels AMAZING now, Lol. Be careful with your teeth, guys! Even root canals can be risky! Yikes!

So now I’m recouping and gonna keep on taking my combo of beef liver supplements (these are AMAZING for health!) and fermented cod liver/butter oil and tooth powder to help my teeth/overall health in general.


Cleaning and Organizing

Our house elves are currently on strike.

So…I kind of got a v-e-r-y part-time job. It totally came out of the blue, and I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing it after the busy season is over, but we’ll see.  Spoiler alert: it involves home staging. (Ok, it IS home staging, Lol.)  But more on that later!

I wish MY house looked staged all the time!  Normally our house is pretty clean-ish (I can’t really function in a messy space), and I’m kind of a minimalist anyway, but now since it’s summer and we’re out having fun, plus the kids are home more, there’s just stuff/dishes/legos/etc everywhere.

I watch a few cleaning/homemaking channels on YouTube like She’s In Her Apron or The Daily Connoisseur or Planner Perfect or sometimes How Jen Does It, which are pretty motivating, so I am starting to get a summertime system figured out.

I steal a lot of ideas from the  Flylady cleaning system.  By the way, the FlyLady website is SO confusing, BUT…They have an awesome app!  It’s called FlyLadyPlus and it’s VERY streamlined.  You can just check off the boxes as you go – if you like a super simplified checklist-type system (broken into morning, afternoon, and evening routines) + how to easily clean specific zones in your house, I recommend the app. It’s a great place to start if you are feeling really behind on house stuff!

Or…you can do what I also do sometimes:  write out your routines in a notebook, close the notebook and…never look at it again ;) Good intentions, right?

But I’m trying!



At the Beach

Don’t chase the quaffle if you see the snitch.

Guys!!  Have you tried this stuff?!  I eat it on sprouted toast with butter and it TOTALLY tastes like an everything bagel, Lol!  I love it.

So my baby (ok, he’s 15) is going to camp next week…in another state!  And they stay on HOUSEBOATS.  I don’t know if I’m jealous or terrified.  Pants took the boys paddle boarding last week, and Sky really liked it, so I think he’s gonna have a blast at camp with his buddies doing all the water stuff.

Just a few token pics of Shark at the beach with his buddy, since summer is definitely in full swing around here!  Full disclosure:  Sky was there too, but after a little while he went and sat in the car with his phone, Lol.  Lesson learned:  No friends or activity other than playing with younger kids in the sand?  Teens will say ‘No thanks’.  These 11 year olds sure had fun though!


Happier than a seagull with a French fry.

Yea, we can talk about planners!  Pants took the boys out paddleboarding this morning, so I can finally sneak on the computer while they’re out.

Guys, I looove paper planners.  Which my boys think is so weird, Lol.  I’ve tried/bought almost every type of planner over the years, and even though I LOVE the look of spiral or bound planners, I always tend to come back to a ring-bound planner because you can take the pages out.  You can also easily add notes pages for things like goals and lists, instead of just actual planning pages.  I use a mix of pre-printed pages and my own handwritten ones:

But lately I’ve been gravitating more toward the discbound system.  It’s similar to a ring-bound where you can take the pages in and out super easily, and I have a couple different ones.  This white leather Tul notebook from Office Depot is really nice (and has pockets!), but some other brands are: Arc, Martha Stewart, Levenger, and The Happy Planner.  I even got this punch off Amazon for it:

I use Indesign to make my own pages, so I can make all sorts of different types, like project pages or health trackers or whatever.  For actual planning, I usually just use daily pages instead of weekly (because I write A LOT), but this was a set of weekly (week on four pages) I was trying out:

But I’m still torn!  Because I also REALLY love just writing things down in a regular notebook, kind of like a bullet journal type of planner:

Then I can use like, a day per page:

So I haven’t really found my ideal system yet.  I do keep a master calendar and list on my phone, but I really like writing out my plans for the day on actual paper and being able to look back on them.  I am hoping by the end of summer I figure out my perfect planner situation, Lol – if that even exists!  I’ll keep you posted!

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I come from a long line of hot lunch.

What’s happening around here…

When you totally nerd out over finding the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe…
What?  You don’t bake 5 batches of different doughs all at once and then lay them out on labeled foil to compare?  Whatevs…

Sometimes I babysit the neighbor kids, but they seem to prefer hanging with Shark and Pants…hmm…

So in April I cut my hair.  It was getting long (for me), buuuut…Even though it was pretty, it was kind of weighing me down, and I needed a little fresh start (I had a rough Jan-March).  Here I was, pre-cut, rocking my longer ‘Type 4’ hair:

See how severe it made me look if I wore it really straight (which I do a lot) though?

BUT…Since I’m *actually* a Type 1, I feel like having hair a little shorter/with more movement suits me better for now, maybe brightens me up (and makes me look younger, Lol):

I’m still gonna let it grow out over the summer again, but maybe do something a little different so it doesn’t seem quite as harsh?  Who knows.  I kind of like mixing it up sometimes!

** The ‘Types’ I refer to are from Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth system.  I talked about it a little bit here (when I thought I was a Type 4) and here (when I realized I was a Type 1).

Our Cozy Home

I’m glad at least one of my personalities likes cleaning the house.

Hey, I got a new comforter!  Wait, is that what they’re even called anymore?  I guess it’s technically a duvet.  Whatever, it’s totally fun and bright and boho and we love it.  I was gonna get a more subdued ‘sophisticated’ one, but then… I would die of boredom ;)  So I went for something more ‘me’.

A close up of our bedside tables (made by Pants last year):

Except sometimes mine looks more like this:

(Everyone keeps apple cider vinegar and duct tape on their bedside table, right?) I’ll have to do a separate post on these and some other cool things Pants has made more recently (like the boys’ new desks!)…he is REALLY glad to be able to get back into woodworking again.

Our house layout is sooo weird* and there’s lots of wood trim everywhere, but we’re surrounded by trees, and it feels like falltime all year round, so I love it.  This is our living room – the other side of this room is Shark’s desk space, and Pants’ is going to make us a new game table for that side too… so yeah, it’s pretty much turning into a playroom now instead of a living room.  Which is cool, because we basically just hold LOTR marathons and play games all the time.

I do like our kitchen, too, although a gas stovetop on the island?  INCREDIBLY messy.  (Also, these pics are actually from last fall, so a lot of the vintage-y decor is now gone.  I am going more modern this year…)  

I’d show you the den, but our neighbor just gave the kids MORE legos (!) so we are in the middle of sorting (me) and building (the boys) like crazy right now:

Here is only ONE part of our Lego storage, yikes:

*We have like, 5 hallways and four flights of stairs…but there’s only two stories?  I don’t get it either.


Fourth of July

Remember kids, don’t play with fireworks. Have the adults who have been drinking all day set them off instead.

Red gingham, denim short shorts, BBQ pork carnitas in the crockpot…must be Fourth of July!  Happy 4th, low-key Kirkland style…

Um…parades aren’t really my thing anyway, but the one we went to in our downtown…I think maybe it was lame on purpose?  I don’t know, we decided to only stay for half of it.  But I still love our town!

A quick pic of the Shark and I giggling, as usual.  This pic of my face is the WORST (I was laughing and just took a drink at the same time), but the rest is cute, so…

4th of July was more of a big dealio when we lived in Cali, but here, not so much. Here are links to some of our past celebrations when we lived in Huntington Beach.

Out in Seattle

‘And why am I getting the news from a six year old?’ ‘I’m ten.’ ‘Well, then it must be true.’

We love our town, especially on sunny summer nights…

Since Pants is *technically* considered to be in remission (!!)… he gets a cheat beer (or sampler) every now and then…aaaand I get a Rococo coffee just because it’s my FAVORITE ;)

I can’t even with those freckles…

The elusive teen!  He *does* exist, Lol…

Now all we have to do when we get home is wait for Shark to go to sleep so we can continue (re)watching Lost with Sky!  It’s fun having a teenager with the same taste in tv shows ;)

Calamity Family

It’s a creepy shop, he’s a creepy bloke.

I have NO idea how I used to be able to write a blog post almost every day, especially when the kids were little.  I can’t even find time to write like, once a month now!  Hmm…I could have a time management problem, Lol.  I blame the time of year – everyone keeps saying ‘the month of May is insane’ and…they are right.  Lotta this and that and hoopla and shenanigans and goings on his month.

Anyway, I just really wanted a place to put a bunch of pictures, so here’s a little photo heap of what’s been happening lately.  (Some of these might be Insta repeats, although I’m trying not to do that so much.)

Firepit time with the neighbors.


So we’ve been totally working on our yard, but unfortunately only our FRONT yard so far.  So of course we like to have the neighbors over to hang out in our overgrown horrible patchy jungle BACK yard instead.  Just keeping it real.  Firepit and s’mores (and more) burning away on Saturday nights between now and September, btw.  Come over anytime, dogs welcome too.  Even our unicorn teenager sometimes makes an appearance…


Pants loves kids.  ;)


I am finally getting kind of excited about summertime clothes! Although I kinda alternate between workout gear and real clothing, I do like to ‘get dressed’ every day for real, though.  I never feel good if I’m out and about wearing something I’m just ‘eh’ about.

Oh!  That reminds me – so…remember all that Dressing Your Truth stuff I talked about?  Um…I totally mistyped myself, Lol!  I always wavered between Type 4 and Type 1, and decided I was a 4.  And then had like, a month of being depressed about my clothes ;)  I’m a Type 1, with a strong 4 secondary.  The *second* I figured that out (and yeah, it took me forever, I think I was denying it actually – I feel like the ‘bright, fun’ energy of Type 1 can be perceived more as airhead-y, and I have a real issue with that), clothes became fun again, I felt ‘lighter’ and just…more relaxed.  I definitely have a LOT of Type 4 in me, and I LOVE more edgy clothes, but yeah, I’m a Type 1.  This needs to be a post all it’s own, so I’ll revisit it later, for sure!!  Read her book(s), it’s super interesting!

Even my workout pants need to be ‘fun’…

So, the Shark.  I’ve been sharing a bit more on Insta about him, he’s just such a ball of smarts and energy.  And yeah, I know I have another kid too ;)  but THAT ONE is 15 now and forbids me to ever talk about him or put his picture on the Internet, Lol.  So at least I can still write about the little guy.

I had this pic on Insta, but decided to put it here instead.  My caption was:  It’s normal to just wear a random piece of foam on your head, right?  The Shark only stops moving once in awhile, so I have to document it when it happens.  Currently he’s in the garage happily taking apart an old coffee maker… #inventor #busyguy #babyface #11yearsold

My kids are so funny.  The other day it started raining really hard when Shark had a friend over, so they came inside and he announced, ‘Well, that playdate’s a bust.’  (He was just kidding.)  We know this really over-enthusiastic lady, and the other day after talking to her he goes, ‘She acts so happy it’s unhealthy.’  Lol!

Sky will text me the MOST ridiculous memes…ya know, like in class during school:    

Ridiculous, so of course makes me laugh every time.  Anyway…more to come…I have lots of house pics to show too – and Pants just redid our pantry!  It’s sooo great, you guys.  We took the door off, painted the inside, and Pants made new wooden shelves that I love.  More pics soon!

Talking about Food and Coffee

If ants are that busy, why do they go to so many picnics?

Back to the fun stuff…

unnamed (1)

This weekend we went to a BBQ at our neighbor’s, and my job was to bring a cookie tray.  I personally think it’s hilarious to post this picture after my last post was all about natural health, but…we do live in the real world ;)  I did add some healthy protein balls for Pants (no cookies for him) and some fruit skewers to it, but of course then managed to totally dump the jar of skewers all over the place…TWICE.  Who drops the same thing TWICE!  Cue Pants shaking his head and seriously wondering, how could he marry this person?

I feel like the food thing is a constant balance game for me these days, since I LOVE bringing people joy with treats, but we are pretty serious about our more natural healthy diet and lifestyle.  So I’m still trying to figure it out…

Like I wish I could tell you the sugar cookies I made were grain-free and naturally sweetened and decorated with ground organic beets or whatever.  But they weren’t.  It’s just plain old sugar cookies with fun pink sprinkles on top.  Because my favorite neighbor is 2 yrs old and loves pink sparkly stuff.  And also apparently wrestling Shark down to the ground and he just has to lie there and take it while we all laugh, ha!

Anyway.  Do you guys listen to the Lazy Genius podcast?  It’s…genius ;)  Seriously.  She also wrote hands down the best cleaning post ever and this bullet journal post that is life. I STILL want to do a really in-depth planner post, but I’m not there yet.

The most beautiful planners I own…so of course I’m not using either of them right now…

So I LOVE watching videos on YouTube, because I’m fourteen years old.  I’m on a planner/bullet journal watching kick right now…I prefer more functional-type planner videos, so I really like this one from With Wendy (it’s actually a sewing channel), where she talks through her process.  Oh, and she is beautiful and her hair is AMAZING ;) (She also has super neat handwriting, which is literally my favorite thing.  Ever.  I have a weakness:  subscribing to certain Instagram planner accounts based solely on their handwriting.)  I also watched this one from Life In A Bullet yesterday, and it was SO cute!  Like we should just all go ahead and throw ours in the garbage right now, it will never be as easy and pretty as this one, Lol.  (jk)